Fun Ways to Beat the Monsoon Blues in Office!

Life is a rain. Enjoy the splash!

True, after the scorching summers, monsoons are more than welcome. But the fact is that no one likes to work in monsoon!

As per the ‘Circadian Rhythm Theory’ our mind is most active during those parts of the day when the sun is shining, and before we eat lunch. But in the monsoons, because of the clouds, the entire rhythm tends to see dynamic changes.

So, how do we beat these gloomy monsoon blues for the workforce? Here are a few fun and easy ways to meet the end!

Keep it Casual

Formal clothes when wet are the worst thing in the world! Maximum surveys show that getting wet in the rain is not acceptable in formal attire. So, the solution is simple. For the months of monsoon, you could allow employees to dress casually to work. Give them an option of carrying along their formal clothes in case of some meeting or something.

Conditioning Matters

While it is important to keep the air conditioning on, the employees need conditioning too. So, ensure that the temperature in the office is kept at a comfortable level. Too cold will cause them to have numb hands and no conditioning will lead to increased humidity in the office. Both will reduce the working motivation of the employees.

More Coffee Breaks

Because of the weather outside, it is only natural for employees to want to take more coffee breaks while working. They have worked hard in the hot summer days; give them this liberty in the monsoon. Keep a rule of coffee breaks only if it is raining outside and a maximum break time of 10 minutes. In this season, increase your budget for coffee a tad bit, they need it!


As all other seasons, sometimes, motivation is tough to find in the monsoons too. Following activities can be organized to keep the employee spirits higher.

Target-based Rain checks:  Simply put, this is more of a rewards and recognition program for employees who meet their targets before the allotted time. What is the reward? If the employees have satisfactorily met their targets before time, they get to leave considerably early on a weekend monsoon evening! Who wouldn’t want that?

No Shoes Day: The worst thing that happens in the monsoons is wet feet. It is yucky, cold, uncomfortable and yet, unavoidable. Every few days, announce a ‘No Shoes Day’ at work. On this day, all employees have to take off their shoes when entering the office. For the simple reason of comfortable feet, they will work better that day.

Show some Love: Positivity is the best way to beat any motivation issues. One thing that can be done is to get all employees list one thing they love about working in the monsoons, every day. Each employee puts up their reason on their cubicle so that passersby and they can read it. This will have a more unconscious, but very effective result! Also, offer them each a cup of hot coco on the last working day of the week.

Yes to Microwaves:

In the monsoons the concept of ‘hot meals’ becomes even more enticing. You could provide your employees- a microwave can be kept in the pantry or cafeteria. The employees could heat the food on the food plates and enjoy a more satisfying warm meal.

All of these are fun ways to help beat the monsoon blues that your employees must be facing! The fact that you pay attention to these shows that you not only care about your profits, but also about giving a satisfying work environment to your work force! Bravo!

How do you beat the monsoon blues? Do share your story.



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