The Rise And Fall In Foodtruck Business

A business that is almost dying?

The food truck business became quite a popular one in Mumbai last year. There were around 50 existing trucks in 2016, from 15 in 2015. At present only 10 of them have survived in business.

According to Roysten Misquitta, founder Mumbai Food Truck Society, the shutting down of Mumbai’s first food truck park was a major reason. The food truck park was setup in an area of 5,000 square feet approximately at Bandra.

The food truck park was shut within a week of its operation by the BMC officials. Misquetta felt that a major objection came from the local restaurants and Perry Road Residents’ Association.

IAAE talked to some local residents who said the area had caused severe traffic congestions during peak hours, as a lot of people stopped to eat at the food truck park.

Of the remaining 10 food trucks, I Am An Entrepreneur talked to one based in Malad West. Owner Pooja Adhiya shares a few statistics.

While starting off, she earned a revenue of Rs. 2000 a day. To survive in the business, she planned to break even at Rs. 3,000-3,200. And today she earns Rs. 5,000-6,000 a day.

Her ‘Wandering Tastebuds’ completed a year, last December. When asked about her plans of survival in an industry that is almost dying out, she says that times have been difficult, however she is optimistic that matters would get better and Mumbai would get more food trucks soon.

Roysten too hopes that the concept of a food truck park cannot be kept diminished for too long. There would be an increase in the number of food trucks in the coming days…

While the food truck business was thriving at a time, efforts should be made to restore this kind of a business. Especially at this time when there the founders have plans to rope in small entrepreneurs.

Do you think an industry that is almost dying out, could retain its base in the financial capital of the country?

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2 Responses

  1. Mayank
    Business can grow provided government supports it. We need specific areas where food trucks can be parked and people have place to park their vehicles too. Maybe outside parks, gardens, open spaces like back roads, Bkc. It can only be done provided government supports it and so do people living around the area.
    • mm IAAE Network
      Thank you for your feedback Mayank. Keep reading!