All Set for your Newsletter Campaign?

Read this Before You Click ‘Send’

In today’s technological era, when startups are blooming for dime-a-dozen, it is essential for a budding company to be present to their audience. Visibility is vital for existence and it is imperative for startups to engage with their target audience if they hope to have a long, healthy life.

Since visibility and interaction is of prime importance, social marketing is the primary tool whereby both these objectives could be fulfilled. Channels like email marketing and newsletter campaigns have a broad impact on keeping your customers informed about your services. For a budding startup, here’s what you should do when flagging off a newsletter campaign:

Your Objective

Keep your objective in mind before starting a newsletter. Consider your goals and decide what your email campaign should achieve before setting out to do it. If you are looking to inform and sell, then focus solely on those objectives while framing your newsletters.

Your Contact List

You should have an email marketing contact list comprising of customers and prospects. There are two ways to go about this. One is to file prospect and customer details whenever they make an enquiry and keep it in your database. The other way is to buy the data from a reputable broker.

Engaging Subject Lines

You need your customer to open your newsletter and read; and for that, an engaging subject line is what you need. That one line is the difference between getting your mail marked as spam or as content worth a peek. Subject lines should be contextual, targeted towards the audience and relevant to the topic at hand. You should also make it personalised to each individual who receives the mail, thus catering to their preferences.

Avoid ‘noreply@’ Addresses

A ‘noreply’ address will not let you communicate with your customer, thus losing out on a prospective sale. Moreover, such addresses give the impression that you are not approachable and friendly.

Ideal Newsletter Length and Frequency

Do not throw newsletters at your customers every moment of the day. Keep the frequency at an optimum range. Also, keep the content short, precise and catchy. An optimal length will guarantee that your customer will take a glance at your letter. Lengthy and frequent newsletters often find themselves in the spam folder, and that is something we don’t want for a budding startup.

Relevant Content

Research and find out what your target audiences require. Do surveys, ask questions and understand their pulse and needs. This will help you in formulating the ideal content that can catch customers. Don’t send irrelevant offers and promotions. Any information that doesn’t speak out about your business should be avoided or you will lose your audience.

Along with the above tips, you should also choose an appropriate email marketing platform that’s right for you. There are many different platforms from which you could choose and use one that enables you to track customer behaviour, analyse and manage your marketing campaign.

What would an ideal newsletter look like to you? Do share your views.


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