Simple Tips to Boost Focus at a Home Office

Building up an office at home? Read this!

Working from home once limited to a handful of entrepreneurs has today become a regular affair. The increase in the number of startups and high rentals for office space has meant many new companies set up base in homes with a home office in place.

Working from home may be a great idea as it can help you save on office rentals and also allow for multitasking between office and household chores but if not balanced correctly the same home office can be detrimental to your business.

Here are some simple but effective tips that you can use to boost productivity in your home office.

Choose your home office spot wisely:

A common mistake many entrepreneurs do is to use any empty space that they find to set up their home office. An ideal home office should be in a secluded spot like in a home extension to allow to peaceful working environment.

You may believe having a home office closer to your family may help you manage household chores more effectively but any distractions like noise from the TV or from the kitchen are sure to put your work off track. So take some time in choosing the best spot for your home office even if it means shifting and changing some old furniture and preparing space for your home office.

Cut out the distractions:

Make sure you are cutting out the distractions by blocking any unwanted noise and using large glass windows to block any noise from the road etc.

If your office is in a larger room trying using artificial panels to cut out distractions and opt for office cubicles instead of using the entire long stretch of the room. Sliding doors, panels, curtains and blinds are all effective measures to make your office space cut out any unwanted noise and distractions. You can choose the most suitable as per your needs and budget.

Focus on color and lighting:

Many home office users tend to overlook the significance of color and lighting for their office space. Imagine having a home office where there is want of natural light with dark colors. Using such an environment can not only bring in depressive thoughts but is also akin to lack of productivity at work.

Make sure your home office has access to direct sunlight as much as possible. Use light and vibrant colors which make the office mood uplifting and somber. Use of whites, off-whites and pastels are better suited than dark grays and blacks.

De-clutter and go green:

Make sure your home office is absolutely de-cluttered and holds only those things that you need for office use. Any unwanted old furniture, racks, books, or other such materials should be removed from the office space. Use a well endowed chair and table for your official use.

Trying decorating your office with greens using plants in pots placed strategically outside and inside of your office space. Do not consider replacing natural greens with artificial ones even if they appear to be more permanent.

Set up regular working hours:

It is very easy to get carried away while using a home office and not focus attention on work as much as one should. Make sure you keep your work life and personal life separate and set up regular working hours for your official work. Working from home office requires some discipline and only if you manage to focus your attention should you opt for one.

Working from home is a great way to balance your work and personal life allowing you to do more work. You do not have to spend long hours travelling to office or worrying about office rent but home office can also lead to lack of productivity. Opting for the above mentioned tips will make sure your home office is productive and happy space for you and your employees.

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