Social Network with caution, grace & style

Do’s & Don’ts while social networking

Many companies have unlocked the massive potential of social networking for businesses. Yet an equal number are following the wrong strategy for their social media profiles.

Here go some tips that businesses could embrace for an effective social media presence:


Be Active:

The key for having a good social media presence is to choose the best portal for the business. Different social media network may be good for different genre of business depending on the services offered.

Irrespective of which business portal one selects, the key is to stay active. Having no content or having excessive content is both bad social media preferences.

Make an Effort to Know Your Visitors:

Social networking is not only about business promotion or connecting with potential new customers. Social media platforms allow businesses to connect with their visitors by interacting more with each visitor.

Successful companies that have a well oriented social media program usually offer a personalized service for each visitor on their social media pages. Any query or general comment from a new visitor is immediately addressed by the social media handling team offering a personalized interaction between the company and new visitors.

Explore Social Media Analytics:

Almost every social media platform offers an analytical tool. The key is to use such analytical tools as a stepping stone to increase the overall impact. For example, if you see a lot of people visiting your company page but not sharing content, it would mean your content is not impacting them strongly enough.

The use of social media analytical tools can be very useful in promoting the overall impact of any business on the social media platform.

Ask for Customer Feedback:

Business is all about sales but ‘after sales’ and ‘customer feedback’ play a very important role in repeating of clients and customers. Social media platforms are perfect platforms to seek customer feedback and use the same to improve one’s business or services offered.

Understand Social Media Platforms:

There are various social media platforms popular with different age groups and geographical locations. The key for having a good social media presence is to understand which social media platform is more ideally suited for your business or services.

If for example your business is more youth oriented or targeted towards younger people, having a presence of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter would make more sense than being active on Linkedin or Xing.


Never Neglect Users Opinion:

The sole idea of having a social media presence is to keep your clients and potential customers engaged with your products and services. Neglecting user feedback or user opinions on social media platforms defeat the sole purpose of social networking.

Don’t Spam:

Nobody likes spam and that’s the bottom line. Companies or businesses with presence on social media need to walk the thin line by offering timely updates about their services, products and other informative updates but not posting too much data that may qualify as spamming or over presenting information to the followers in the network.

Delete Negative Comments:  

One cannot please everyone and negative comments must be taken as motivation to improve. All feedback must be welcome including the negative comments. The customer or client issues must be addressed immediately offering better positive comments n the future.

Stay Away from Self-Praise:

Everyone likes praise but self-praise is the worst kind of flattery. A lot of companies and businesses with social media presence are found liking their own posts. Some are even found guilty of faking the number of likes on their Facebook page for example. Stay away from fake self-praise to offer a genuine face of your company and business to the world.

Avoid Automation:

It is important to avoid too much automation when it comes to interacting with your followers. Having a personalized approach while replying to your followers on the social media platforms is recommended.

What rules do you swear by while social networking for your business? Do share your views.


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