How to start an insanely successful STARTUP?

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By Samit Samant, Account Head, Life Guru.

This is probably one of the hottest topics, I have come across in recent times. So, be it during client meetings, bachelor parties or family vacations, practically everyone has a secret plan for their own successful STARTUP...

Everyone has a superb idea and a brilliant business plan, but then why aren't there sufficient successful Indian startups?

Over the past few years, I have heard hundreds of business plans from ordinary people with extra-ordinary dreams. Some of their extra extra-ordinary plans were really good and solved a larger problem, sometimes even a global problem. Probably, the only thing missing in practically all of them, was the ever elusive "FUNDING".

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"I have the potential, I am hard-working, I am smart-working, everything sells in India, itna population kab kaam aayega (read as when will such a huge population come in handy?)".

"I have the perfect recipe to the perfect business plan, which will make customers so happy that they just jump to buy my products / services. This in return will make me so very rich that I will be able to buy a big imported SUV, a big mansion, and perhaps a diamond necklace. I can finally put a big stack of money over my big bed & dive into it like Uncle Scrooge or just like Walter White from Breaking Bad (Netflix)".

Sounds Familiar...?

I'm sure that each one of us has had these plans, these simple strategies to make huge amounts of money, achieve immense power and beat the rat-race. That urge to get ahead and prove a point, is ever so familiar in each one of us that it has now become like second nature.

Everybody has a plan, but what is the secret formula? Where is the secret recipe of the ever elusive insanely successful startup?

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I want to begin this journey to find the secret ingredient of “The insanely successful start-up”. But I need your help in it. It's not the money that I need.

But we don't know where to start. Does anyone...?

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A mere google search on "How to start an insanely successful start-up", throws suggestions of 5 tips to have a successful start-up, 6 Must-haves for start-ups, 10 tips to a great start-up, 25 tips on how not to fail in your start-up & the search is never ending…

But I'm ending this article here, with a simple thought.

I personally believe that the first and the most important thing in the world, to lay the seed of a successful startup is "Believe in yourself". Believe in your idea and before you try being someone else, just Be You.

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If anyone feels other-wise, let's discuss and together find the secret ingredient for the next insanely successful Indian STARTUP. You could drop by anytime, or give us a buzz, when you feel you are really hit hard by the entrepreneurial bug! We do love our beverages!

More when we meet!

Samit Samant is a renowned advertising professional, Author & Humourist.

To read his entire collection of enriched personal experiences, click here. You may also connect with Samit Samant on Linkedin here.

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