Top four budget franchising opportunities for startups

A lot of startups across sectors are taking franchisee route to spread their consumer bases.

While there are abundant opportunities for startups as well as for an entrepreneur, yet another thing that adds a definite advantage between startups and franchisee model is the fact that franchisees are more pocket-friendly as compared with a developing startup.

Food and beverage innovation sector

Startups such as Chaayos and Keventers proved themselves in the food and beverages industry with innovative menu and new flavors. Today there are multiple startups in the innovative food and beverage sector, all working hard to attain success and adopting the franchisee model.

Depending on your location, there could be several franchise options for food and beverages startups.

For example, Keventers charges an one-time license fee of Rs 5 lakh from the franchisees along with adequate space requirement. Popular cafes like Cuppastop offers franchisee with an initial investment of Rs 25 lakh and an area of around 1000 square feet. Coffee Culture, another player in the food and beverage segment seeks investment of up to Rs 50 lakh and an area close to 2000 square feet.

Tech Education based startups

Tech startup is one sector that offers a good upside in the startup world. The $60 billion education industry in India is apt for a franchisee based business model as shown by the success of market leaders EduKart and BYJU's.

In the education sector, TopperLearning, a company using digital technology and television to teach students for all types of exams offers low-cost franchisee options. With a minimum investment of Rs 50,000 the company offers free training with single and master franchise opportunities. For a slightly higher budget opportunity franchise for British Academy for English Language could be a good bet which starts as low as Rs 15 Lakh with full training and financial assistance.

Meal Delivery startups

In this fast paced world meal delivery is a good idea for startups. Meal delivery service companies either have in-house meal preparation or tie-up with local chefs and restaurants, depending on their business models. Users seek services as a single umbrella app or company to order from multiple restaurants at the same time. The initial investment for such a startup is not very high and once successful could be easily replicated across major cities and towns.

Calorie Care, a startup offering calorie-counted meal delivery service has franchisee options at lucrative rates depending on your preferred location. Felicita Foods offers unique food in the low-cost category, which is a unique European concept café. With a minimum investment of Rs 9 lakh the brand offers low start-up costs and relatively higher return on investment.

If unique food is what you are seeking a good low-cost option could be Felicita Foods which is a unique European concept café. With a minimum investment of Rs 9 lakh the brand offers low start-up costs and relatively higher return on investment.

Travel and trip planning

Many startups in the travel world, especially involved in trip planning and itinerary development along with acting as lodging and boarding aggregators are opting to go the franchisee way. As a sector which is blossoming with every passing year, seeking a franchisee based business of a tour and travel aggregator could be a welcome first step in the world of entrepreneurship.

Travel Cafe is one such fully licensed agency offering franchisee starting as low as Rs 2- 5 lakh making it an apt choice. With good margins the company is based on a low-risk model, aptly suited for new entrepreneurs interested in the travel segment.

Franchise and startups are now going hand in hand allowing startups to expand business while ensuring first time entrepreneurs to have a platform to join in the exciting world of business.


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