How calculated laziness is a virtue?

The art of laziness redefined and revisited

Meghna Maiti

When Myra Paul, 36, chief manager of an innovative publishing company was asked to maintain a strict nine to five schedule by her boss, she frowned.

Why so?

As a matter of fact, she is a perfect example of a workhorse piled up by loads of assignments. All through the day, she is on the rampage or off the rampage, meeting deadlines, commitments and schedules. She works almost 24 by 7, round the clock. But she does not like to work within specific work hours. Instead, she likes to choose her own timing, according to her convenience.

Isn’t it natural for entrepreneurs, the creators of modern world to opt for flexible work regime? After all, innovation and creativity flourishes in more unbound spaces.

Let’s see five reasons how calculated laziness is a virtue for entrepreneurs:

The state of being ‘unhooked’ 

Once you’re an entrepreneur, it’s important to stay free and unattached. The road to entrepreneurship is riddled with hardships. One cannot be stuck in narrow, biased thinking. The more unhinged or unhooked a person is, the freer he would feel to pursue what he wants. Often a quiet, meditative state is mistaken to be laziness.

Lateral, out-of-the-box thinking

Convergent thinking cannot flourish in a nine-to-five setup. All great ideas, eureka moments happened to a person in the unlikeliest places such as a bathtub or a cosy kitchen. These are the times when he allowed himself to relax.

Frequent breaks

Though on the surface, taking occasional, long breaks might come across as a sign of laziness. This might actually accentuate one’s performance. Coffee-breaks and long walks recharge creative people and help them produce better quality work.

Napping in between work

Taking short naps in between work also helps a person recharge and focus better on work. Resting helps a person think clearly.

Lost and Self-absorption

Being lost is a quality, not appreciated by many, especially in a professional set-up. This is often derided by many as a form of self-indulgence. However, this could actually help a person think deeper and create significant things.

So, all those entrepreneurs or self-starters who have been feeling guilty due to laziness, can now relax.

How has laziness helped you ideate or create things better? Do share your views.




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