Exploring Friendship this Friendship Day!

This friendships day, I Am An Entrepreneur explains the difference between a Dost and a Yaar! It’s said that ‘You choose your friends wisely and your enemies even more wisely’! But when friends can be split into dost and yaar, what does one choose?

We thought we’ll give you a glimpse of what your life would be like in either scenarios. We thought we’ll celebrate and cherish this bond and help you decide!



There will be many dosts who give you the needed advice as and when you need it!

But there be only a yaar who will pull your leg when you are confused, will be there at 2am to help you complete the unfinished work and who knows what pains you’ve taken for the success. Yaar woh hai!

There will be many dosts in your life but if you have yaar; Don’t ever lose that yaar!

Happy Yaar DAY!


-From all of us at IAAE.


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