The future of your business is in the cloud

How could cloud telephony help in business?

Communicating with your customers is one core essential quality while running a successful business enterprise. While smaller companies with one or two phone numbers may be able to communicate with their clients, as the business scales in proportion maintaining the same level of communication is a difficult proposition.
Since investing in IVR systems with EPABX extensions is a costly affair, opting for cloud telephony is now becoming a popular communication solution worldwide. Big corporations to startups today are investing their time and effort in making use of cloud telephony as part of their business setup.  

Here’s why cloud telephony as a business solution is relevant to present time and market. Cost effective communication

Setting up of a cloud based telephony system is much more cost effective compared to traditional telephony systems. As the business increases its scalability the need for new hardware devices such as handsets, soft phones, gateways, routers etc all add up for the escalated cost of communication. IVR systems and EPABX systems are also quite steep, especially for smaller business entities that do not even make full use of the technology offered by these systems. After spending a high amount there is again a big chance of downtime for such communication systems which may mean a customer is unable to reach the company leading to a bad customer experience. Cloud telephony on the other hand bypasses these problems by offering a cost effective solution with minimal to zero downtime.

Adds remote working capabilities
In accordance with the remote working culture of today's world, cloud telephony allows employees to work from any location, not staying limited to any desk. So a customer care executive could handle a call that gets directed to his or her mobile phone and no longer requires a mandatory seating capability on the desk to answer such calls.

Extensive call analytics
For every call or message that a business entity receives from a customer or a budding client, the cloud telephony systems ensure it is able to analyze the call pattern. From time taken on an average to resolving a customer query to a number of calls required by a customer to ensuring a solution is delivered, all calls are analyzed helping businesses improve its customer care programs as a result.

Assured privacy
Cloud telephony allows for a complete secrecy for masking phone numbers to ensure there is no misuse. With the rise of phone number misuse, there have been cases where client data has been compromised. With cloud telephony no such data breach is allowed to occur with focus on assured masking and call privacy.

Easy scalability
As and when the business scales with time, a cloud telephony based system is much more cost effective and easier to expand over traditional communication systems. Not only is the initial cost of setup low, any subsequent expansion costs are also quite low allowing for a cost effective communication channel for the business.
The future is in the cloud, say most experts. The popularity of cloud computing and cloud telephony are glaring examples how cloud based systems are helping businesses unlock their potential without escalating costs.

Do you feel cloud telephony could actually replace traditional communications system for businesses? Please share your views.


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