Getting Noticed By the Media

In an age when the audience is content hungry and the media is going everywhere to make it available to them, there is scope for your startup to get covered too. It’s not as hard as you think either.

As a start-up business, it’s crucial that you are in the picture. The media is an important medium for potential consumers and investors to know you and your brand.  Not sure how to go about it? Let us give you a hand.

So what do you do to catch the media’s eyes?

  1. Story

What inspired your entrepreneurial journey? If you make it sound interesting enough, it will sell. The media is constantly on the look-out for something that will create a buzz. It’s up to you to make your business story the ‘buzz’. Take a look at the stories of companies like AirBnB, KFC and the very recent app, ‘Pokemon Go!’ – Interesting to read and they provide great publicity. (Click to read their stories)

  1. Build Relationships

This is probably the most important aspect to look at which is over-looked by many. Building relationships is not only about networking but also maintaining those networks. Knowing journalists personally as opposed to bombarding them with your pitch straightway is sure to make your job easier. If they like you, chances are they will feature you!

  1. Talk about the idea

If you’ve noticed, all viral start-ups don’t focus on their business per se. It is the idea that sells. When Periscope was launched, the media immediately caught up on it because it was a novelty. It was the idea of a live video streaming app that took off (and resultantly, the company). The idea that you could broadcast a video to an audience wherever you are with just your phone was a first. Hence, talk about your idea not you.

  1. Keep it light

Avoid technical jargon and lengthy emails. Time is a precious commodity for everyone. Keep it short and make it simple. No hefty attachments either. As Thomas Edison rightly said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

These are just some tricks of the trade that can help you put your start-up out there. You should always find out which method is best suited for your product or company. Whatever you do, being seen is a pre-requisite. If you’re not in the media, you’re not in the game.

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