Why you should be watching the Olympic Games: Rio!

While entrepreneurs are busy with their regular schedules of doing their business-things, we hope you haven’t forgotten about the Olympic Games at Rio! It’s more than just a sports event – it’s the culmination of so many dreams, aspirations and sheer dedication.

There is so much entrepreneurs can learn from their sports counterparts. Here are some of the values you ought to pick up:


  • Sacrifice


Training, learning and more training – our athletes give up many other things to have more hours in the day to train! Many young athletes often spend their whole day between just school and training. They give up time with friends and family to relentlessly work towards their dream. Sacrifices are part and parcel of success.

“I used to train (like this) for 50 weeks of the year, including Christmas Day” – Melanie Wright, a five-time Olympic swimming medalist from Australia.


  • Endurance


Firstly there’s the endurance that people go through staying up late to watch the live broadcast of the game around the world. Our athletes endure a lot more! Through heat, shine, rain, snow (or even pain) – they hassle through it.

Rafael Nadal, Spanish tennis player, unfortunately injured his left wrist from a tendon injury but he has taken a gamble by participating in the Olympic Games. Despite his slow recovery, he is not letting that stop him from participating in the once-in-4-years event!


  • Planning


It’s not uncommon for athletes to be preparing for their Olympic moment since childhood.

Our very own gymnast, Dipa Karmakar has been training since the age of 6! It’s no wonder that she is the first Indian gymnast to qualify for the Olympics in 52 years. It’s not mere luck or co-incidence, it is deep focus and strategic training that lands them at the opportunity of a life time.


  • Be flexible


Many athletes do not qualify and their 4 years worth of training is put into question. To many this is a devastating situation and one might just ask, “What now?” The answer that most athletes would tell us is “Train harder”.

Krishna Poonia, an ace disc thrower, has taken part in three Olympics (2004, 2008 and 2012) and qualified in the final rounds of the 2012 London Games. However due to recovering from a knee surgery, she was unable to qualify for Rio 2016.

Her reaction to this was amazing - “I will now look forward to the 2018 Commonwealth Games and Asian Games… I wish all my countrymen taking part in the Rio Olympic Games all the success.”


  • Set New Goals


Becoming complacent is not an option when you are in an ever-changing sphere. There are many athletes who participate in the Olympics again despite having participated or even won the previous game. Their trick is always setting the bar higher with each game – setting new goals for themselves. There is no end to their hard-work and talent, just scope to become even greater.

Looking at all the athletes at the games makes everyone not only feel pride in their nation being represented but it also ignites a spark in you, doesn’t it? There is something we entrepreneurs can all learn from our Olympian friends!

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