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Organic greens indoors

  [caption id="attachment_7735" align="alignnone" width="608"] A panoramic view[/caption] Here’s a green tech startup in India! Ashish Khan and Deepak Srinivasan, two engineers, followed in the footsteps of their friends’ right after their B-Tech from NIT Trichy. But the entrepreneurial bug bit them soon and the duo initiated Crofters, a green tech startup in India, in…
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TravelFree: De-bugging travel woes

Here's a travel planner site for you. A self taught entrepreneur, Bangalore-based, 30-year old Surajit Pal has always learnt from life and the people he met. Stories of lives, hurdles and journeys fascinate him, and it was through his people connect coupled with his personal experience that he identified the pains of travelers in the…
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What if a bite of chocolate was work?

Read the story about home-made chocolates... She is a one woman army, but is going great guns! Meet Madhumita Upadhyay from Kolkata, a lady chocoletier, who sells exquisite handmade chocolates. Leaving her job as a communications specialist, Upadhyay ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship solely to follow her passion. From a home based entity, she…
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