Monthly Archives: December 2017

Conduct a  GROWTH ANALYSIS  for your Start Up!

Growth Analysis-was that always a bother to you? BUSINESS HEALTH   Judge your journey so far...   Revenue Growth The numbers tell them all. While the current numbers might be exciting, what is truly of value will be the projected cash flow much ahead. So even if the current position is burning profit, the potential…
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On a funding hunt? Try out iPitch

Life's a Pitch! And iPitch... The startup world is all about excitement, apprehensions and most essentially funding. What if we told you that something really worthy is coming your way? Did you know that a seed funding of Rs 1.5 crore awaits your way? Here’s a platform that could help you achieve what you want.…
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Aditi Verma: The Girl With High Spirits

The first time she visited school, she was kind of awestruck. She didn't know the faces she shared the bench with had the same problem as her. 22-year old Aditi Verma today is an able business woman. If you search Aditi's Corner on the web, Google would show the exquisite dishes from the restaurant. Aditi wants to…
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