Every App has its Day… ‘LET IT WAG!’ to the rescue!

‘LET IT WAG!’ - An App That Helps Rescue Stray Animals In Real Time

India is home to more than a million stray animals, a large proportion of whom are prone to accidents. Major reason behind the death of these animals is the lack of right medical help at the right time. 

Let It Wag

The look of the app

Brainchild of 26-year old techie, Yash Sheth, from Mulund (Mumbai). “Let It Wag”  - is an app that is designed exclusively for the injured and stray animals. All you need to do is simply download the app from Play store and upload an image of the injured animal.

And based on your area, real time help reaches the animal within a stipulated time. Not just rescue, if you are a true animal lover then this app also allows you to adopt animals.

The Man

Yash had not delayed a second when he heard the cries of an animal writhing in pain. He rushed the animal to the hospital soon, after searching for the nearby vet but all in vain.

This left a deep mark on him and he started to arrange medication for the injured whenever possible. He soon came to realise that it was only a temporary solution. There might be hundreds of injured animals lying on the road everyday. He had to reach as many as possible.

Thus, Let It Wag – an app exclusively designed to help distressed animals was born. ‘Let it Wag’ is a dedicated platform that brought animal lovers like him on board.

The Money Factor

“It has been a good start for us. We saw about 3000 downloads in 75 days. We are bootstrapped venture as of now, and we invested some six figures in the app so far…”

He also added, “We have taken the help of platforms like Ketto, and are looking forward to more crowd sourcing platforms. We are dependent on donations and CSR activities as well”.

The Initial Hiccups

More than just the risk of a new product launch, the biggest challenge was to get the true animal lovers to acknowledge the initiative through an app download. Most of such good intended initiatives stayed at a social media level, having presence in Facebook and WhatsApp forwards.

To get them to accept a new dedicated platform was the biggest challenge, he recalls.

The Voyage Ahead

In the pipeline is an iOS supported platform and improving the user experience.

Also, it would be great to add-on features to develop the ecosystem to rescue animals by bringing in NGOs, pet lovers & vets.

Yash is delighted at the positive response garnered so far and is hopeful to get more link-minded people join hands. Getting funded would be ideal to help scale up!

If you are interested to fund, he can be contacted at ysheth02@gmail.com.

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