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Travis Kalanick sued by investors

Another major harassment for Uber! Uber, the privately held company is valued by investors at nearly $70 billion. Kalanick stepped down as the CEO earlier this June. A spokesperson for Kalanick commented, “The lawsuit is completely without merit and riddled with lies and false allegations.” He continued that Benchmark was acting in “its own best…
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Uber launches its first TVC in India

Uber smartens up its marketing strategies Uber announced the launch of its integrated marketing campaign and TVC in India on Wednesday, according to a press statement. The company has come up with the idea of Apnapan as its core theme. The campaign aims to build an everyday brand relevance and reframe personality.  Sanjay Gupta, head…
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Hrithik Roshan signs a Rs 100 crore deal with

After Yuvraj, Ganguly, its Hrithik in the startup domain now! To quote Mukesh Bansal, co-founder,, “'s growing popularity amongst consumers validates the need for holistic, preventive healthcare solutions in the country. Our partnership with HRX will enable us to expand our market presence and consumer base.” Hrithik Roshan partners with startups. Do you think…
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Employees start exiting from Snapdeal

Snapdeal employees leave after Flipkart merger gets cancelled! Snapdeal witnessed exits of many senior members from technology, product and engineering divisions. This move comes after Snapdeal announced its agenda to cut down 80 per cent of its employee strength from the company. VP product, Pradeep Desai, Vp Engineering, Viraj Chatterjee, and head of IT, Gaurav…
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Facebook acquires Ozlo, an AI startup

Facebook makes a grand entry into the startup space... Sharing their moment of elation, a post on the AI startups website read, “By joining a team (Facebook) that shares our values and our vision, we will continue to work on building experiences. There is no clarity on the financial part of the business yet. To…
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