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Never give up, aspiring entrepreneurs!

Grit is the key to all long-term, great success stories. Perspective Meghna Maiti The cult of genius is not always magical, rare inborn gifts. It’s often about an ability to overcome one’s inner demons over a period. It’s also about trudging a long, dreary, dark path, mostly in isolation. The virtues accompanying a person on…
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Does tourism bet on public-private partnerships?

A lot gets much easier with governmental support and help  A buoyant economy with a sagging tourism sector is something unheard of. The government of India has been initiating plans and schemes to ensure proactive development in the tourism sector. The government has been building new hotels, tourist attractions to retaining old world charm of…
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Go offbeat, all hipster young travelers!

Dwell into an unknown world with ‘Madhuchhanda's Globe Trotter’s Footprints’ Madhuchhanda Banerjee Bose (42 years) started her career as a freelance journalist. She had eventually worked as a Public Relations Officer and Manager Branch Operations in IT companies. Involved with a communications consultancy, she has conducted communications classes in different colleges, universities and corporate houses.…
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