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Just Spray to PeeSafe

'PeeSafe'- here's a toilet seat sanitizer spray  If you are a public toilet phobe, then this piece is for you. Swati Soni chats with Vikas Bagaria, the founder of PeeSafe – a toilet seat sanitizer spray – about how he is interested in creating safer sanitation options for women in India. Necessity is the mother…
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Genext Students aims for 80K ‘Tutorpreneurs’ by 2020

'Genext Students'- India’s first Hybrid Tutoring Platform is right here!  "If the poor boy cannot come to education, education must go to him'' - Swami Vivekananda. Thanks to these brilliant minds, education startups in India are evolving each and every day. The new India has realized that there is untapped potential in education segments and knowledge…
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