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For entrepreneurs struggling to raise money for their start-ups, any money looks good. But is it wise to take any money that’s offered to you? Smart money is money plus the value in terms of mentoring, guidance, opening doors, initial customers connect for validation or early adoption, strategic partners connect for market access, tech licensing,…
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Every coworking space, every incubator, every accelerator and every startup conference or events boasts of top notch mentors that they will help entrepreneurs connect with. However, what this in reality ends up being is just a show of names with little or no value added to the entrepreneurs. None of the top notch mentors who just have their names in the…
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Celebrating 19 Years of Entrepreneurial Thinking

By Satish Raju, Founder & Director, Guru Media & Entertainment Group Being self-employed or as we know it now - being a start-up entrepreneur is very cool. An aspiration that connects countless dreamers with imprints of established success stories burning in their minds and a yearning to emulate, bedded deep in their hearts. These days, we have…
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